Walnut Nutrition

    Hailed by many as a Superfood, walnuts are the perfect snack or ingredient in baking or cooking. Eating walnuts aids your heart’s functions, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, and provides a rich source of antioxidants and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

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Walnut Varieties
Chandler The University of California introduced the Chandler's in 1979. Today it is the most prominent variety grown in California. It is large, smooth and oval shaped with a good shell seal. Chandlers are highly prized by buyers for their extra light and high quality kernels. They harvest mid to late season, and provide one of the highest kernel yields.
Hartley Hartleys are harvested mid-late season. It has a thin-shelled, well-sealed nut is easy to crack and is the best inshell walnut variety for customers who desire an artificially bleached shell. Hartley's are the only walnut variety that can stand vertically, due to its broad shoulders and the relatively flat anatomy of the nut crown. Howard Howard's are a large, round, smooth nut with a good seal and harvest mid-season. Well known for its light nutshell color, it has an attractive natural appearance, Howard's features a large, light kernel that provides outstanding flavor. Howard walnuts rank among the top six varieties grown in California, and account for more than 75% of the state’s walnut production.
Tulare The Tulare is known for its high yield. It was derived from a tree grown from seed at the University of California walnut breeding program in 1967. Named after a county in California's Central Valley, Tulares harvest mid-season and continue to be a significant contributor to the state's walnut production.
Vina The Vina is an early to mid-season variety and is popular with growers in the Northern San Joaquin Valley. Vinas are a cross between Franquette and Payne. The nut is medium to large in size, pointed, and looks similar to Hartley. The Vina is well known for its good quality and high yield.
Livermore The Livermore is a walnut variety produced from a cross of Howard and Juglans purpurea making it the first patented red-kernel walnut. Its leafing date is close to Chandler, occurring around mid-April. Livermore's harvest around the first week of October. It has a medium to high yield.